Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sukey has made sleep a distant memory...

I've had so little sleep recently.

Sukey has officially arrived, I believe. Today we were featured in the Guardian, I was pleasantly surprised to discover we got four pages!

I'm truly happy, happier than I've been in some time.

Original Post by Matt
Shamelessly clipped and edited by samthetechie

New Website:

Hi everyone,

It's been a busy few days for us at team Sukey, we've been working very hard on several new things - one of which is our new website layout; we thought we'd do a little spring cleaning. Ok, so it's not spring yet. But we couldn't resist! Truth is we couldn't resist the lure of another all-nighter for all the tasty click-throughs from the article about us in the Guardian. So here's the result - *drumroll* - tadaa!

Top of the list right now for us is tidying up the source code and getting it open to the public on GitHub as soon as possible. We're tightening bolts and battening down the hatches, so keep an eye out!

We're also working on some little surprises for you and some new video coming soon. Watch out for our full introduction to Sukey and its' features, as well as details of how it works.

Stay safe everyone, expect more soon. We're aiming to get Sukey 2.0: Electric Boogaloo ready for a special event ahead of the March 26th demo. It promises to be lots of fun and we hope to see you there!


Gaffen from the Sukey Team