Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hackers Unite! Help #Sandy Victims. Join #HurricaneHackers on and follow @hurricanehackrs on twitter

Hey all,
Sandy is a major storm, previously a hurricane, that has caused  extensive flooding, power and transportation outages, and physical  damage to the US East Coast and Caribbean. More than 100 deaths have  been linked to the storm. You can see an overview of what is going on in NYC here:

So essentially, over  100,000 people in Lower Manhattan are without power, and will likely  not have it back up for a few days. In order to stay informed as the  situation changes, and to keep in touch with loved ones, they will need  a way to communicate with their laptops  and phones.

We are innovating rapidly to create tools built and deployed using Heroku, Twillio,, google docs, google maps, crowdmaps -- pretty much anything we can get our hands on. This effort is being  spearheaded by the  to help make services and connect tech people with people in need on the ground. A lot of interesting things are happening in the wake of  this natural disaster:

This  is a unique opportunity to innovate to help people (people before  borders, tech beyond borders) and maybe change the debate on issues like  universal free open wifi). Please volunteer some coding / hacking  time and help some real people in a different part of the world that are  not having a great time right now. This a chance to demonstrate the power of the open, unrestricted internet, and the community that such an internet makes possible.

Come and help us over at #HurricaneHackers! Start here: | Then read the HH-Projects list here: | lulz: | tunes: | follow us @hurricanehackrs. Also: Join or organize a Sandy CrisisCamp this weekend:

If you are in NYC are looking for space to work with power, heat, and wifi, check out and the#sandycoworking hashtag on Twitter. Many of NYC's co-working spaces were damaged, so the need for work space is urgent. Updates on the broader NY Tech community response can be found at

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